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"ao" means blue in Japanese.
In Japan, there are more than 100 names for the color blue, and the color has been popular since ancient times as a color for expressing scenes and emotions. The name "ao" represents our wish that people can enjoy jewelry with rich expressive power like the color blue.
With the designs, which are born from the Japanese appreciation and love of nature, and the comfort of wearing them, the works are popular in fashion stores and famous department stores in Japan.
They have also gained a reputation for their safe metals made in Japan and careful craftsmanship.



Mayu Kobayashi

After graduating from Musashino Art University in 2004, she worked as a graphic designer, but had a strong desire to make things and taught herself to engrave. She established ao jewelry in 2015 and creates her works in Tokyo.


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[ Wind Bangle ]

A bangle inspired by the image of wind comfortably hitting the skin.

The soft curves are not only pleasing to the eye but also comfortable to wear.
The surface is matte-finished and the edges are glossy. The size can be slightly adjusted by the customer.

SILVER 925   2cm(width)  13.5cm(length) 3cm(open)    
List price   $500.00      MADE IN JAPAN




[ Star Studs ]

Earrings inspired by the tiny stars twinkling in the night sky with the "power of smallness".

The minuscule grains have been polished with a spatula to give off a luminous glow.

 18K yellow gold / Platinum900      S 2.5mm×1.5mm L 7mm×7mm
List price   $240.00~        MADE IN JAPAN 



[ Snow Ring ]

A ring that takes the form of the snow falling on your hand, melting in the blink of an eye, and the moment now.

The design is different from 360 degrees, so you can enjoy various expressions.

The original model for the ring was created using a technique called granulation, which takes the form of the "moment" when metal melts.

This is the technique that began making jewelry 5,000 years ago, melting only the contact points between small metal grains.

It is made under the tension that too much heat will melt everything.

18K yellow gold / 10K yellow gold  /  Silver90 platinum10  /  SILVER 925
Plane / 6diamonds(1~1.5mm in diameter)      6mm (maximum width)
List price   $206.00~    MADE IN JAPAN 


[ Forever Ring ]

A ring with hand-engraved milling all the way around.

It is common to see milling on both ends, but this engraving requires a higher level of skill and is done by skilled craftsmen in Japan.

It is said that milling means eternity, which is understandable when you see the orderly arrangement of the grains. This ring is also recommended for wedding rings and anniversary rings.

18K yellow gold / 10K yellow gold  /  Silver90 platinum10  /  SILVER 925  2mm (width)  2mm (height)   
List price   $640.00~    MADE IN JAPAN 


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 [ Diamond Ring ]    $1,600.00 ~


 [ Angel & Star ]   SV925 $600.00 ~



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